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Carey Group terms and conditions
Please read the following Carey Group terms and conditions as these explain how we share content within our social media profiles and how we respond to any comments which are inappropriate, derogatory or abusive. 

Comments and viewpoints provided via LinkedIn or other public social channel are made by individual members of staff employed by the Group in response to on-going market events and situations. These do not represent the viewpoint of the Carey Group management team, board of directors or its offices and individuals companies. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that posts are correct and observe current regulations, they do not constitute an approved statement on behalf of the Group.

The information presented does not constitute professional tax, investment or legal advice and should not be relied upon for any business decision, contract or other action. No responsibility is accepted for any errors contained in the posts and they should not be re-circulated where such circulation would be an infringement of local laws or regulations.

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Social networking policy
We expect followers of our social networks to treat each other with respect and help create an open environment for communication within our social media profiles. Carey Group makes every effort to ensure that any information posted is accurate and complete, although we cannot guarantee that no errors will be included. Any comments which contain vulgar or abusive language, personal attacks of any kind, offensive terms or images are prohibited and will be deleted and/or blocked. Comments which are spam, clearly off topic or promote services or products will also be deleted.

If users click on links within Carey Group posts which take them to a site external to the Carey Group account, they will become subject to the privacy policy of the new site or account. Carey Group is not responsible for the content of external internet sites or social media accounts.

Carey Group may share information about products, services and individuals that is considered to be beneficial or interesting. Carey Group cannot guarantee the accuracy of information regarding content that it has not originally created and posted. In addition, sharing this information does not imply that Carey Group is agreeing to the points of view raised or endorsed by the product or service mentioned.

Any self initiated content Carey Group posts across its social media profiles and blogs is copyright of Carey Group and our rights are reserved. All Carey Group trademarks, company names, logos, images  and designs used on Carey Group social media profiles and websites are the intellectual property of Carey Group. Copyright is hereby acknowledged for any third party mentioned or featured within a Carey Group post.

Thankyou for considering and respecting this policy.

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